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  1. agent-Achika 34wk 6d ago

    Gd Mornin Urusaii!
    -How are you?
    -Happy New Year
    I hope I'm not scaring you
    by posting this random msg on ya UP.
    I just thought it would be
    nice to meet someone new
    at the beginning of 2018.
    -How long have U been
    apart of the MT scene?
    -Got any fun hobbies?
    -Got an awesome career?
    Does it allow U to
    travel around the globe?
    -What's it like living in
    the big apple such as NYC?
    -Read manga or prefer watchn anime?
    -Like music at all?
    -Enjoy baking?
    Not trying to pry,
    just start a conversation is all.
    Pls be a dear & reply to this
    msg when you have the time.
    Have a nice day.

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